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Reshape Your Body & Mind this summer

8 week group Programme
Monday 14th of August 7.30pm- 9pm

Many of the people I work with find that their body and mind are out of balance, either feeling in control or out of control. 

Do youoften find yourself Yo-yo dieting, comfort and emotional eating, secret eating and moving from one diet club to another.

If you’re tired of repeating the same patterns hoping for a different outcome join me on my unique group programme where I will help get you to a happier,  slimmer place.

I offer all Yearround, themed groups to help people achieve the results they really want now. 

When you Join me you will 

  • Gain Confidence

  • Feel happier and lighter from the inside out

  • Get slimmer

  • Be healthier

  • Look forward to social events

  • Be Kind to yourself

I will...

Interrupt old habits replacing them with new healthy ways of looking after you

Provide you with tools and techniques that change your body and mind

Believe in you 

Support you every step of the way

Women with 2 or more stone to lose

With over 10 years experience in helping over 500 clients I am skilled in this area & love helping people feel happy and confident. 

An 8 week unique programme using a range of coaching tools and techniques that get you results. Helping you to change unhelpful habits to new healthy ways of looking after yourself. 

Don't just take my word for it, here's what my clients say:

Lorraine has helped me reach my target of losing 5 stones by constantly being there with the guidance and motivation you need to keep your head in the right place and remain focused to the end of your journey. The biggest benefit I have discovered from working with Lorraine was learning to express thoughts and feelings freely and changing the way I think to focus on what I want to do for me. Lorraine has helped me then use this way of positive thinking in other parts of my life and in particular helping changing thought processes to improve that balance between work and personal life. Lorraine has a great approach from the softly softly approach you need some days to telling you how it is when you need it on other days but this is all done in a fun and relaxing way that keeps you wanting to go back and to succeed in whatever your journey is. I would highly recommend Lorraine
— Mina
I was pretty low when I joined the group and desperate to lose weight. I was worried that it wasn’t for me as I’m not  outgoing, and the idea of it didn’t appeal to me. I’m so glad I did, the group helped me with so many areas of my life as well as losing weight. I would recommend the group work to anyone interested in keeping the weight off, as it helps you to recognise when you are going wrong. I dreaded the first week, but came to enjoy it and miss it now it’s finished. I have continued to use the strategies I learned in group as I continue to maintain my goals.
— Pauline

How much?
£120, £60 deposit & £60 payable on Joining

Barncluith Business Centre 

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