Why a coach?

Someone impartial to hold your hand

As any of the world’s best athletes, musicians or performers will tell you, in addition to a whole lot of commitment and skill, their coach is the person who got them to where they are today.  A good coach will hold your hand and guide you through tough times to get you back on to the path you want to be on; will push you to achieve what you want, and support you on your journey.  In other words, a good coach is the catalyst or enabler that will help you get to where you want to be – to help you re-find the you you’ve lost – and probably a whole lot more.

Clarity, direction, confidence and a whole lot more

A good coach will help you find clarity and direction, build confidence and self-esteem.  He or she will support you through challenging events such as relationship difficulties, anxiety, stress or lifestyle issues so you can re-find the balance and control you deserve.  Coaching helps millions of people each year to live happily again and to enjoy better relationships.


Change your outcome

While no coach can change what life throws at you, the right coach will help you manage your reaction to the life events you encounter.  No matter whether those events are unemployment, illness, death, relationship difficulties or lack of confidence - the outcome can be changed.  The job of a coach is to work with you to put the building blocks in place for you to have the outcomes you desire.  

In some instances, a coach can even help you change events.  “How can that be the case?” I hear you ask.  In certain cases, people are programmed to repeat destructive patterns and attract events they no longer want in their lives.  The right coach can help if you’re in this situation by updating your behaviour patterns so you no longer go back down the same weary path.  

A new lease of life

If you’re feeling as if you’ve failed, are shameful, sad or overwhelmed, a coach will bring you the new lease of life you’re searching for.  If you’re giving off vibes of being in control on the outside and you’re feeling ripped apart on the inside, a good coach will help you find calm and inner confidence.  If your sleep or eating patterns are disturbed because of how you’re feeling, a good coach will help you address the issues that are throwing you out of kilter and bring you balance.  

A good coach can do all that and a whole lot more.  I am that coach.

When we work together I will provide you with a combination of modern coaching tools and strategies that you can practice and play with.  I might also use hypnotherapy or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) if they’re right for you.  Either way, you’re in safe hands to get to where you want to be - every step of the way.

I typically work with clients from areas included: Lanarkshire, including Hamilton, Bothwell, East Kilbride, Carluke, Uddingston, Airdrie, Coatbridge and Wishaw as well as Glasgow. I also invite clients from outside these areas and can work across Skype if preferred