What to expect

It takes courage to seek help.  No one knows that better than I do.  But I also know that even after the very first step you take everything gets easier.  That’s why I’m encouraging you to decide to get help, and do it now.  

You know that you want to rid yourself of the negative cycle you’re in.  You know you want to feel confident, content and happy.  You can do it.  Together we can get you to where you want to be.  

It starts with the first step

Your journey to where you want to be starts with a phone call or an email.  Some people prefer an email because that way they don’t have to say anything out loud.  And that’s fine.  Others prefer a call because they want the reassurance of hearing in my voice that I can help them and that I’m there for them.  That’s great too.  It’s up to you to choose.  

Either send me an email or call me.  If I’m coaching I won’t be able to respond immediately.  But I aim to respond within 3 hours of receiving a client contact.  At that point we’ll hopefully be able to chat.  We’ll chat briefly about where you’re at and where you want to be.  If we both decide we’re a ‘fit’ and want to explore working together, we’ll arrange an Initial Consultation.  

1. Initial Consultation

In most cases once people have taken the first step, they’re keen to move to the next stage quickly.  The next stage is an Initial Consultation.  I try to make sure that you get your Initial Consultation as soon as you’d like it to be.  It can take place at your home or office or in my office – whichever works best for you is good for me.  

During this consultation we’ll get to know each other better, establish how we are going to work together and get you started on your journey.  Yes; after just one session, you’ll have tools and strategies to get you on your way to where you want to be.

2.    Follow-up Sessions

We’ll have as few or as many Follow-up Sessions as you need.  No two clients are ever exactly the same, but if I was pressurised, I’d say that the majority of clients take an average of 6 sessions to get to the point where they want to fly solo – for a while at least.  I’m never far away, even when Follow-up Sessions are over I leave the door wide open for clients to come back whenever they need to.

3.Booster Sessions

Some clients find that they need ongoing support from time to time and come for what we call a Booster Session.  These clients love the comfort of knowing that they have a support mechanism in place that they like and trust whenever they need it.  These sessions are particularly helpful to anyone who is making really big changes and needs to do that one step at a time.   

4.Check-in Sessions 

Even after months and years have passed, if clients face a new challenge in their life they know that they can come and work with me.  These clients get huge comfort from knowing that they have a safety net deep down in life that’s there for them and they book a Check-in Session when they need it.  These Check-in Sessions are often just one off, single sessions that remind my clients what they need to do to achieve the outcome they want. 

Prices are £70 per session and you will always know what your sessions are going to cost ahead of us working together.