Troubled Teens

Teenage Anxiety

Being a teenager is challenging.  You maybe feel as if you no longer fit in; as if all your friends have flocked elsewhere and you are trying to overcome loneliness.  Then there are hormones, relationships, self esteem issues, teenage anxiety and exam stress.  And that’s just the start.  There are times that you know you know better than the adults, but then sometimes you just need a cuddle.  But switching between the two is confusing both for you and the people around you.  

You know what you like, but you can’t always be the way you want to be for fear of being judged. Maybe you’re part of a combined family?  Maybe it works well?  Maybe it doesn’t?  Maybe you feel alone, lonely? Maybe you’ve got tons of friends?  Perhaps you feel as if you no longer have any? Either way, there are times when life gets just a tiny bit too tough to soldier on alone.  That’s where I come in. To help build self confidence, to help gain self esteem.

How to build self confidence

If you’re feeling as if your self confidence has taken a beating; you’re looking for reasons not to hang out with your friends, or you just find yourself worrying or anxious for no reason, I can help. 

Although it might seem right now that things will never get better and that everything is wrong; it needn’t be that way.  With the right game-plan and the right support, you can change things around and have the life you really want now.

You may be asking what’s wrong with you that you can’t sort this out yourself or why your parents aren’t able to sort it for you?  That’s completely normal, but sometimes when you’re emotionally involved it’s hard to see the way out.  That’s where I come in.  I’ll work with you to help you figure out where you want to be and give you the tools and strategies to get you there.


Let me help

If you’re in a place where you’d rather not be right now, for whatever reason you’ve found yourself there, I can help you.  Nothing will shock me, I’m completely neutral and won’t judge.  All I want for you is what you want for yourself.  I’ll do all within my power to help you get it.  

If you’re a parent of a troubled teen and you’re reading this, and it sounds like your situation, don’t fear.  There’s no failure or shame in asking for help.  Seeking help is the right way to go. Help is only an email or a phone call away.  Accustomed to working with teens suffering everything from anxiety to social withdrawal I know I can make a difference.  The journey to improved self confidence, self-esteem and happiness starts right here.

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