Meet Lorraine


Lorraine In Business

I’ve worked in business environments all my life, starting in the corporate world and taking the leap of faith to self-employment in 2007.  Focus vision commitment and professionalism are at the core of everything I do.. And wherever I’m lacking I plug the gap through study and Continuous Professional Development.  Accustomed to dealing with big numbers and teams as well as the challenges of running my own business, I’m perfectly positioned to help people at the top of the ladder stay there and those who are climbing it get to where they want to be.



Lorraine the coach

A life coach in Hamilton, nothing shocks me.  I’m completely neutral and don’t judge.  What you want for you is what I want for you.  And I do everything within my power to help you get it.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to accompany people on their journey to rediscover happiness, contentment and joy.  It’s a privilege to walk with my clients along the path that takes them to where they want to be.  I believe it’s my inner values that make me the great coach I am.  Authenticity, openness and calm are at the core of everything I do as a coach.  My clients tell me I have the right balance between pushing them and allowing them to develop at their own pace.  I’m extremely proud to do the job I do.

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