Let's Turn Up Your Confidence

I hope you had a fantastic February and enjoyed my work on managing stress.

I wish you a wonderful March.  For me its already feeling lighter and brighter each day as we are moving towards Spring.

Throughout my coaching work, no matter what clients come to me for, or need help with, more self-confidence is always on their list.  That's why I have decided to dedicate March to helping you turn up your confidence. I hope you find it helpful. 

Do take a few minutes to drop me a line with your thoughts/ feedback 👍 AND send me some ideas on what you want help with in future Newsletters.

Come on let's...



If your confidence needs a boost, you'll be delighted to hear about what I have in store for you...

How confident you feel has a whole lot to do with the faith you have in yourself and your abilities. Self-esteem comes from what you think of yourself. Feeling confident and having self-esteem affect how you think and act, how you feel about others, and how successful you are in life.

Low confidence can take you into patterns of overthinking where you are playing out so many options in your head this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and then not doing as much as you hoped.

If this sounds familiar, you owe it to ourself to check out this workshop.  The great thing about this workshop is that you’ll leave with a whole range of tools and techniques that you can use every day to turn up your confidence. It gives you the chance to see you’re not alone – that how you’re feeling is completely normal. 

The Workshops I run are small and with over 10 years’ experience in running workshops you know you’ll get the right level of support you need to get the most from the workshop leaving more confident and believing that you can!

Half Day WorkShop at Barncluith Business Centre on Sunday 22nd April 2018

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Step 1

Be aware that people can appear confident and successful on the outside but the inside story of confidence can be different altogether.

My challenge for you today is to notice your internal confidence (how you feel on the inside).  

A great way to start your journey to the more confident you is by taking stock of what's happening inside right now.  That's why I want you to set yourself a goal of being mindful of your internal confidence today.  

You could, for example, set an alarm on your phone so you remember to check in or just decide that morning, noon and night, you'll do a little 'confidence audit'.

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Step 2

Take time to acknowledge that confidence works hand in hand with success.   
I'm sure there are areas in your life where you feel really confident and others where you feel less confident. Take a moment right now and think about where you feel confident and successful in life and where you may want more confidence or success.  Write them down.
Some general areas that may help you measure:

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Skills
  • Weight
  • Business
  • Hobby
  • Fitness
  • Talent

Don't sweat the detail too much, you've already made great progress just by noticing these things.

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Step 3

Take yourself on a journey.  I want you to imagine you have all the confidence you really want, right here, right now. 

Think about how will you be:

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Behaving

What are you wearing?
How are you spending your time?
What are others noticing in you?

Write down the results and keep them close.  They'll be a great motivator for when you're running low on motivation.

If you're serious about turning up your confidence, book a free call with me now.

Lorraine Maginnis