Lets make 2017 your year of Celebration and Success!

Completion = Celebration = Success

Do you find yourself successful, achieving all you really want to achieve or perhaps you procrastinate, have feelings of regret.

Overthinking can lead to a busy mind and becomes a strategy for putting things off, living in fear of failure.

Follow the steps below to make 2017 your year of action and celebrate every success as it happens.

What are your 2017 Dreams : (Dream: a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind).

When I ask clients what they really want they give me their problem, my work is to reframe this into what they really want. In my experience people fail as they do not have a clear picture or idea of what they really want, so make it clear. Bring it to “LIFE”.

When you achieve your dreams how will you be thinking, how will you feel, what will you have in your life as a result of achieving them.

Put a timescale in place and write them down or share them with someone that you trust.

What will others notice that’s different in you?


How much do you believe you can achieve your dream? The one thing that truly supports me in all I do is my belief that “I can”. I don’t always have the skill or resources but Ifind what is required, as I work with my clients I help them change their beliefs in themselves.

Life has a way of bringing challenges and you can’t always change the challenge however you can change your reaction to it.

Using a rating scale 0-10 on your belief, the likeliness that you can achieve your dreams 10 being the highest amount ofbelief. Notice your number and consider ways you can increase your belief. Review this number weekly and notice how your belief is.

Have a clear plan

What skills and resources will you need to accomplish your plan? You will have all the skills and resources already within you for example being organised,  you will be using these skills in other areas of life how can you apply them to your Dreams?

Change your normal routine around and notice when things are uncomfortable, change doesn’t come from a comfortable place.

If your uncomfortable, your changing- great, keep going!


Notice the distractions and the tasks that take you away from what you really want.

This is a key area that stops people completing or accomplishing what they really want to achieve, remove the daily distractions.

Have a daily focus and stick to it, at the end of each day reflect on all you have achieved.


What help do you need to support you?

Spend more time with friends, family, colleagues and notice the people who are not supporting you, spend less time with them.

If you need external help, take the first step, change comes from stepping out of your comfort.


How are you getting on?

Are you moving towards your Dreams or Away from, change areas that will help you achieve here. Don’t change the dream, change what you do to achieve it. Everything works the secret is finding what works for you.

Every Day write down 3 things that you are proud of and achieving!

I have an amazing job supporting clients to achieve happiness and success in all that they do.

It takes courage to take the first step but once you do, the rest will follow. Get your 2017 off to an amazing start of completing, celebrating and achieving success by following the steps above.

I wish you a wonderful month of January, leave a comment, get in touch if you need any help with the steps above and please share with family, friends and colleagues.